After Life.

I could’ve been what I wanted to be maybe a soul to a body, hand to a needy, but I guess it all have changed with time I myself Feel lost. I have friends I have people I can run up to but that’s not how I like to feel, I like feeling myself as I have no one to run up to I’ve trust issues I may know you from past 7 years but I’d think 100 times before I take a step with you. If struggle is way through ones life I feel I’m not loyal to my life. Been digging myself out of the grave every morning. I look happy but I have deepest part of me buried and it wakes up when world falls a sleep. I don’t know why I’m writing this random lines drawing paint in words describing myself or even it can be a suicide note before I start Opening gate for my after life. But was it all worth? The pain? Insane if this is all life offers me why was I born? Am I just a part of some fucked up cult?

Or here for a reason? Here to make this world realise the man who offers love is the loneliest of all. I know there are people even worst Condition than mine but I guess I’m just too weak to get back up this time. I can go on and on.. But for today I’m ending this here dropping my pen taking last sip of my whiskey wishing i don’t wake up tomorrow.


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