As a child I always use to look up to people who were good looking You know like people who use to be attractive but I had my lesson learnt in a hard way when I met this girl. Her name was leila one of the most attractive face I’ve ever seen, Her look could give a dying flower a life can turn water into wine. It wasn’t hard to notice that I was feeling something in my stomach. The butterfly kind of things I had heard was turning out to be true and it took a hell lot of guts for me to ask heaven out for a date. Stomach was suffering from butterflies blood was flowing at 100km/hour the feel was different my love was true. First few months were just like summer And nobody hates on summer flowers bloomed started learning each other, accepting flaws but soon the winter was on its way and she Evolved into something i never thought of, I had always accepted her dark side, her past, but something I wasn’t able to handle was her disloyalty and I turned cold, man with shattered heart and a smiling face  and soon I realised people with the most pretty face can be the most cruel at heart. If I had it my way I’d have stabbed her with the same knife she left in my back but, for her I was a different person all together its like If she’d dig me a grave I’d sleep in it. The only fact that remains true but still unsaid is “I’m still angry” 


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