Today after a while I looked at myself staring in the mirror asking myself how I am supposed to get out of here. I see my tears roll down my face why am I so depressed? I’m only good for a sad song I guess, but I got to climb out of this mess I need to turn my life around and take every moment and earn it no matter what happens in the end, I can’t lie to myself at least I can say it to myself I tried, when I die I can say, “you can’t ignore the fact that I fought”. So when the rain drops today I’m not going to run for shelter I’m going to disappear my tear, my fears and failure in the drops of rain. Every time you tell me I can’t is the reason I’d go for it. Change myself for the better I guess I’d make it today. When you talk to me about strangers telling how shitty i was I’m going to be much more than that because my heart is pumping like never before. Never had no friends, never had no one to hit me up and ask what it feels like? Guess what I’m forgetting everything forgiving everything and everyone no more holding in Now I know the price I need to pay to get where I want to reach and to see what people can’t see. Its only people who are crazy can change the world for better than I’m crazier than your whole family put together. I’m recognizing myself all over again call it rebirth or recovery I was down when I was down no one bothered to helped me out now I’ve decided no more backing down And as soon as I finished writing this the ray of sun hits my face as hope and I smiled, shattered life ain’t nothing like that shattered love I’ve been there done that. Friends fucking you up I know how it feels to be there too but I guess it’s what makes you, molds you, beats the shit out of you, makes you feel your glory your power, your strength, your Armour would never look good shining as much as it looks after getting back up and fighting.


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