This world has lost its faith in humanity we need a band aid for our earth, missiles and wars enough of this shit. We see humans but no humanity, so together We cry. So together We die.

Lately many people lost their closed ones in a missile launched on #Mh17 it was a plane carrying dreams of many. We dont realise unless it happens to us. Heartless people have a better life because they see no pain. 2 days later we don’t remember stuff. Its all dead and gone. Babies miss their mom. So much fear, before stepping out of house i pray 100 times before i take a step out. Its a cold ass place i have lost my faith. And finally I’ll lose myself. Government sucks, politicians smell like shit. I try to divert mind and look at the good side of the world but, the nature is cut off and there is nothing left to look forward too. Teens are getting pregnant, sex so easy to get. World needs more of loyalty and less of artificial care.

And the worst part is teenagers know drugs ain’t good they’re mature enough to understand still foolish enough to do that shit nothing but the country is getting weak. Drama, Media, All just point out on celebrities. They dont show us the real truth of how politicians make fool of us. Beggars sell their daughters for money. Face the truth, Females are raped, why no men realize women are the reason you’re born you live. She gives life Respect women, Stand for women, Stand for humanity. Don’t be the one acting like a faggot. This society sometimes makes me choke. You can’t hear birds’ chirps no more. Rape, Racism, Terrorist attacks? Is not what we need. Somebody has to put smile on sad faces. Some Light in the dark world. Maybe no one for now but I’m trying my best to restore your faith…


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