Maybe you have nothing today? But its not the way it can go on. You can change it, One morning you just wake up and you’re like no I don’t want to live like this anymore. It may take time to find your path, the morning you got up and the morning you apply it in your life may not be same but keep that thought alive you gonna make it.

I know how it feels when you’re missing them they past from the hall ways and you Hang your head staring at ground wishing they’d realise you miss them? But again its not what always happens. The person you loved maybe wasn’t worth your love. Instead of blaming yourself for all the cause why don’t we act like maybe they don’t deserve truth in this fake world? Remember even if you’re a butterfly you can survive hurricanes, You have occupied a space In this world don’t let this world give your space a bad name or should i say name of a loser. Its easy said than done but if everything comes easy You’d just say I made it But, when you go through rains, storms you can proudly say with that smile on your face, no ache in your heart and mind Ignited to conquer more that you made it and you’re ready to take up more. You’re a butterfly surviving the storms.


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