So tonight I guess I’ll write my last song because everything I loved is torn apart. You know it was like a feather on my face was replaced by a knife in my chest. It’s one of the days when everything is going down. Can’t even get on a liquor because I’ve been out of money in this lone town. They say haters don’t wanna see you win but at least they are better than friends who don’t wanna see you hustle And everytime I try to get over this ocean gets deeper everytime I try to climb my legs give up in the middle. I’m praying for my feet to fail me not I’m praying to Lord for my one last shot. I have beem dying from adolescent, I’m living for the people I never met, and I’m hating people I see everyday.. But this Is not the end if you’re expecting much more sadness I guess you don’t know, this is my fight song, it’s time to get back up right now. Rains gone and I have long gone moved on and when I see the smile on my face I know the value of pain I have paid. So if you feel low at times let yourself know you’re writing your fight song yeah your fight Song. Let the world know your fight song let them sing along c’man sing along this is your fight song.


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