​I still wonder, the days of my past.

Where the whiskey smelled and you  smiled, where I was less of story teller more of story maker.

When my skin brushed aganist you and wonder what would I do if not be with you? 

The wine stains on my favorite shirt when you broke my heart and cigarettes burns on my table cloth, answer my loneliness in less cruel ways.

And, I wonder what would I be doing if i was with you at this moment.

Broken down, inked your name, 

Kissed my whiskey, tasted your vein.

I mix the the drop of your blood in every glass as your dead body sleeps beneath my bed and bar.

I so wonder, if you would’ve stayed alive now but,

The betrayed kept aching my heart, my walls heard my cries but you never answered my calls.

My body stays awake and my brain goes to sleep. 

You will be around me, now and forever. 

Whether just adding drops of your blood in my glass of shots or

Just staying awake with my midnight thought.

I still wonder, what would us be doing 

If I wasn’t the who murdered your guts.


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